La Cerchia - group of Trentino's artists

 "La Cerchia" is an association of artist, all resident in Trentino (Dolomiti), which aims to promote Trentino's Art in Italy and all around the World. It's a form of art which feeds and enforce itself out of the meeting of the different ways of expression of its components, and then facing the near history and dynamic present it is dipped into.

The association was founded in Pergine (Trentino) in the 1986, on January the 15th out of the initiative of Mariano Fracalossi (1923-2004). A fellowship with the contribution, over the years, of great master of Trentino's Art of the second part of the 1900s, like the deceased Remo Wolf (1912-2009), Carlo Bonacina (1905-2001), Silvano Nebl (1934-1991), Marco Bertoldi (1911-1999), Cirillo Grott (1937-1990), Cesarina Seppi (1919-2006), Alberto Graziadei (1907-1995), Lino Lorenzin (1921-1996) and of course the founder Mariano Fracalossi.

Today the group bases in Trento and is formed by: Luisa Bifulco, Carla CaldonazziPaolo Dalponte, Bruno Degasperi, Domenico Ferrari, Adriano Fracalossi, Tullio Gasperi, Annalisa Lenzi, Silvio Magnini, Gianni Mascotti, Pierluigi Negriolli, Roberto Piazza, Stefania Simeoni, Giorgio Tomasi, Ilario Tomasi and Elisa Zeni..