Tullio Gasperi 

Tullio Gasperi has been operating for over forty years in the field of Visual Arts. Humanistic cultural training, but artistically self-taught, he nevertheless attended in Trento for three years the "Study of the Figure" courses of the prof. Mariano Fracalossi, and both "International Courses of Engraving Techniques" at the State Institute of Art in Urbino under the supervision of the professors Sanchini and Ceci.Since 1987 he’s part of the group of Trentino’s artists "La Cerchia" with he exhibited constantly which, in Italy but also in several European countries and in the Americas. He has had numerous solo exhibitions and participation in many contests with awards too. In 2002, Baselga di Pine editing a large monograph on his work, and in 2003 his work was included in the book "Arte Trentina del 900" (1975-2000) published by the Provincial Council of Trent.

Have written about his work, among many others:

Baruzzi Glauco, Mario Cossali, Luca Crippa, Fiorenzo Degasperi, John Duke, Francescotti Renzo, Aldo Gorfer, Franca Maestrini, Peter Melecchi, Jane Nicoletti, Michael Pizzini, Paolo Rizzi, Rinaldo Sandri, Maurizio Scudiero, Angelo Siciliano, Bruno Svaldi, Riccarda Turrina .


Tullio Gasperi lives and works in Baselga di Pine.

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