La Cerchia - group of Trentino's artists

Gianni Mascotti

Born in Cles in 1971, is musician and sculptor. For over 20 years he’s dealing, in fact, in parallel, with the two art expression. After hav been trained at the Conservatory of Trento, he’s active as a musician in jazz concerts in Italy, France, Germany and Spain. From the late 80's started dedicating to sculpture. After graduation, he studied with: Anti Dacudan, Jean Paul Falcioni and Ernesto Demetz. In 2010 he participated in a Italian / Japanese study and development of woodworking, working with Professor Karou Nabshoya of HiroshimaUniversity (Japan) and Jakub Sandak (Ivalsa / CNR - Italy). He has participated in competitions and symposiums at home and abroad.

"The sculpture helps me with implementation in the form of musical thought. A synergy that is able to establish a strong dialogue between space and sound.

Wood is the material that most excites me and helps to find and deliver this dialogue between the two limbs in an attempt to make precisely the intangible tangible. "