Annalisa Lenzi

As a visual artist, she stared approaching the stone painting as self-taught some yars ago. Then she followed several courses to deepen the study of painting techniques, fascinated and influenced by surrealism, by metaphysics and street art. With paintings, installations and works visual-sound she likes to manipulate reality and bring the viewer into a parallel world where nothing is normal.

She has been involved in important art events such the artBrescia 2011 - On the Contemporary Art Biennial of Brescia, the Saloon Art Shopping at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, collective in Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Como, European fairs, and many projects, collective and personal in Trentino. One of her paintings is part of the collection of works of art of the Autonomous Region Trentino Altoadige \ Sudtirol.

Se works in Serso di Pergine Valsugana (TN)

via della Piana, 28
tel. 3404984358

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