Elisa Zeni

She was born in Spormaggiore the 29th of February 1980. In 1999 she graduated at the Institute of Arts "A. Vittoria "of Trento, in the experimental course in Painting and Visual Art. Between 1999 and 2000 she attended the Course of Restoration od artistic Works at UIA-International University of Art, La Giudecca (Venice). During these first studies, she improved her tecnique in the world of restoration, working eight years in the conservation intervention of frescoes, wooden sculptures and paintings on canvas and wood. Then she graduated with honors in the spring of 2005 in the Science of Cultural Heritage at the University of Trento with a thesis on the "House of the Frescoes" in Ossana(TN). In the 2006 she began to devote herself to the development of his personal artistic and pictorial expressiveness, mainly oil supported .

At the same time she explores other techniques, such as  by renowned artists, the technique of watercolor and trompe-l'oeil in 2007 in Milan and in 2008 comes close to Byzantine iconography, at the Laboratory of Icons "Santi Martiri" of Trento and the portrait.

Source of inspiration for her works is the mountain, where she lives and it metaphors, united ever more strongly and deeply to water: it is a form of symbolic language that allows her, through the interpretation she makes, to convey her feelings and her feelingson on the canvas. All of this with messages, which for their meaning don't want to "hit", but just try to "move" the deep thought of the observer.

Thus she proposed her art in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, having also joined in 2009 "La Cerchia" artists group, and exposing "the Water" into three main themes: "Paths in the Ice", seen as a picture of one's past, ice melts as the remembrance that leaves emerge thoughts and memories kept within himself; "Paths of Water", where the artist reflects, in the being flowing water, the flow of life as the points of time that flow and lead to cross or run into the many nuances of everyday situations (metaphorically seen of stones), with which the water enters into relationship; "Hedgehopping Flights", where the water vapor rises on the tops of the highest mountains, carrying with it one-self dreams and wishes for the future.


Elisa Zeni lives in Spormaggiore (TN)


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