Giorgio Tomasi

He began to draw and paint in the seventies, attending the courses of the Visual Arts Studio Group in Trento. Many are his participations in group exhibitions in Italy (awarded) and abroad with the group "La Cerchia" (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Germany and Spain). There are also several solo: in 2002 at the gallery Fogolino of Trento,

in 2003 he participated in Brussels, Martinelle and later in Berlin at the exhibition "Stories of the mountain." In 2004, inToronto (Canada). In 2005 he took part in the collective homage to Mariano Fracalossi "Imaginary solutions", hosted at the Trentini palace (TN). He exhibited in a solo in Caldonazzo at "La Fonte".

In 2006, participated to the collective "La Cerchia and the city" in Kempten and Trento.

In 2007 he held a solo at the Fogolino art-gallery of Trento and participated in the group exhibition "Elsewhere" in Trento and Magdalena (Mexico). In 2009, he exhibited in a solo at Grand Hotel Trento. In 2011 he’s present at the Convention Centre of Baselga di Piné (TN) with a solo.

He lieves Trento
Via V.Veneto, 74
Tel.- 349 1000696

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