Ilario Tomasi 

Born in Trento in 1940, he’s painter and engraver. He is engaged in jewelry from the young age and in 1960 he graduated as Goldsmith at the Art Institute of Valenza (Alessandria). In 1970, after having participated in the courses in drawing and painting at the “Università Popolare” of Trento, became one of the founders of the Visual Arts Studio Group of Trento, with whom he worked until 2000. Since 1989, with the group of Trentino’s artists "La Cerchia", organizes and participates in art events, especially in America (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Chile) and Europe (Germany, Spain, Belgium and other countries). In 2006 he participated in the group show "La Cerchia and the city" in Kempten and Trento. In 2007 he participated in the group exhibition "Elsewhere" in Trento and Magdalena (Mexico), "Peasant Memory" in Trento and Borgo Valsugana (TN) with "Borgo between reality and fantasy."

In 2008 exhibited in "Instantes en el tempo" in Trento, "Landscape of Memory" exhibition-tribute to C.Seppi in Trento. Then in 2009 in "Canto pintado" exhibition in Magdalena (Mexico), "Trentino and beyond" in Trento. In 2010 to report the "Exhibition-tribute to Remo Wolf" in Trento and Caldonazzo (TN) and the collective "Between painting and poetry-tribute to Villon" in Trento. In 2011 the exhibition "En el nombre de Villon" - Gallery Universidad de Concepcion (Chile) - "Between painting and poetry" Santiago (Chile) and again in Santiago "In memory of Remus Wolf and Mariano Fracalossi - Painting and Graphics" Italian Institute of Culture.


He lives and work in Gardolo (TN)

st. Pedrolli 8 

Tel +39 0461 993865

{oziogallery 137}